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Hi guys!

I just wanted to let you know that you can buy my Tutorials on Gumroad

Or become a Patron and get WIPs, step by steps, .psd files, tutorials, my art in fulll resolution and more on my Patreon page

I appreciate the support a lot! 

Thank you! :D
Just wanted to let you guys know, that i started using Instagram properly xD 

Follow me at i will really appreciate it ^^

Oh, and i will be posting old drawings at first, mixed with new of course, just to fill up my profile page (: i hope you don't mind! 

Thank you for watching me here! :D…

long time no streams, feeling like chatting with you guys (:
Hey guys!

Merry late Christmas and Happy almost New Year! xD Just wanna make a short post as a conclusion to this year, which was pretty damn awesome! Even though my Canadian VISA was denied and i couldn't study animation in Toronto, these events led to me finding an amazing job related to art :D so yeah, bad things happen for a reason i guess :3

Tomorrow i am leaving for 2 weeks vacation and i'm not bringing my laptop and tablet with me, so no art :( and then i'm gonna have 2 super busy weeks at work, so i'm pretty sure i won't be able to draw again, which means one whole month without art from me, SORRY D: but i hope i'll sketch something traditionally while i'm on vacation ^^

I hope this holiday season is awesome for you as it is for me! Thank you everyone SO much for every +watch, comment and fave :D really, this year brought a whole lot more of you, so thank you SO VERY MUCH! I'll do my best to make more and better art next year, it's my job after all now xD

I love you all :hug: and again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :D

PS: my premium membership expired ): if anyone of you would be so kind to give it to me, i'll love you 5ever (i hate asking this though GAH i am sorry)

Hey guys, a lot of people ask me about anatomy tutorial and i suddenly had an urge to make a video tutorial kind of thing? Just because i wanna livestream, but i don’t know what to draw, plus i wanna chat so i thought why not do both?

So if there is enough people who want me to do it right now, i’ll do the tutorial, if not then just livestream (:

Let me know if you have time right now to watch it, ask questions etc.?

It's off, but you can watch it here -…

I talked about anatomy, eyes, blood/bruises etc, hair, eyes, nose (a little bit), arm muscles

I wanna draw, but i'm not in the mood for line art, so i'm just gonna sketch something and chat (: come in say hi and maybe drop me some ideas!
И опять таки обьявление для моих русских подписчиков - я снова сделала паблик )) Так что, если вам удобнее просматривать мой арт в ВК, то милости прошу )

For my Russian followers and those who use i made a public page for my art (:

I’ve got a job now! :D It’s not like i’ve been looking for job but this offer was too awesome to ignore kajdkl

If you follow me long enough you probably remember how i attended art classes last spring (remember those anatomy drawings?). I loved the whole atmosphere of the studio and people there, and back in August thought that it would be amazing to work there. And guess freaking what *U* their head artist (who also owns the studio) offered me to work for them! So starting tomorrow i will teach people to draw digitally :D i am excited and a little bit scared, but i’m sure i can do it. 

GAH this is like a dream job skfjwlkefjwl

This probably means that i won’t be able to draw stuff for myself as often, but pft i still will be able to draw stuff AT WORK (all i ever wanted). I am pretty damn happy, it’s like a freaking destiny i swear. 

For my Russian followers who maybe want and can attend our classes:

Для жителей России, а в особенности СПб пишу на русском *U* теперь я работаю в NewArtSchool (курсы диджитал рисунка с нуля и не только с нуля)! Так что если вы желаете научиться рисовать или прокачать свой скилл или ну не знаю, умеете рисовать на бумаге, но еще хотите научиться рисовать на компе, очень советую нашу студию :3 и не просто так, ради рекламы, а потому что там правда очень клево. Плюс, первое пробное занятие проводится бесплатно )))

У курсов есть 2 студии: на Лиговском проспекте, где находятся Этажи, и в 5 минутах ходьбы от ст.м. Петроградская (где я, собественно, и тусусь). Так что если вы все таки надумаете идти и захотите именно ко мне, то записывайтесь в студию на Петроградской. Записаться можно по телефону, который указан на сайте )

Just letting you guys know that i’m going to Spain for a week and then to visit my parents for the rest of the summer. Therefor i won’t be able to draw as much (cause you know, i’ll be spending time with family and stuff). But i hope you will have as much fun as me and even more! Don’t forget to draw/write/create whenever you can :D

Hopefully i’ll get to draw smth from time to time (: I love you!

I feel like coloring other artist’ lineart *because i am too lazy to draw everything myself* 

So if you wanna, throw me some links to your lineart and i will color the one i like the most (: 


EDIT: Oh whoa that was fast D: sorry if i didn't choose yours! But i instantly fell in love with this

Thank you!


10 thousand of you.... i can't fully imagine and just comprehend the fact that there are 10 THOUSAND people who liked my art enough to push the +watch button. People who would like it enough to be interested in seeing more of it... I... WHOA

Oh gods i forgot how to talk and express my feelings D: 

But seriously though, if it wasn't for you i doubt i would keep on drawing and achieve what i have now. Really! It started just as a hobby, i'd never thought it would be something i wanna do for living. But now i think WHAT ELSE WOULD I DO IF I DIDN'T DRAW? I owe you a huge HUGE Thank You! 

I know i am not great at replying to your comments, but i read them all for sure and i am grateful for each and every one of them! You know what i do every morning? Check my dA to see if there are any new comments. Your feedback means so much to me and it makes me happier :D 

10 thousand of you... :faint: I wish i could show you my gratitude somehow, BUT HOW? If you have any ideas feel free to leave a comment! 

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for every comment, fave, watch, even just for looking through my page! THANK YOU :tighthug:
Full-body cartoony commissions similar to these

Commission - Foxglove by ribkaDory Do i look like i give a damn? by ribkaDory Rhythm Of Love by ribkaDory
- $50
 full body colored drawing of a character/person without or simple background (+$35 for additional character)


note me  
- we discuss your commission (colors, refs, pose etc etc) Let me know if you want me to make bg white or use simple gradient\one color bg (if it's not specified i will make bg the way i want)
NOTE: i take only 2 commissions per person 
- You have to pay half of the price beforehand, otherwise i won't accept your commission.
- when i finish a sketch i send it to you, you decide if i should change anything (as soon as you are satisfied with the sketch you should pay)
- second half of the payment (PayPal only) *note: price can vary depending on the difficulty of a work, but usually the prices are fixed*
- I won't continue working until i receive payment
- i continue the work, finish and send it to you (after finishing it`s possible to change some colors, but not shape of anything)
- i send you full sized (usually it`s smth like 2000px 300dpi) drawing without my watermark

If you don't have a PayPal account, please take care of it before i start working on your commission (:

Let me know if you don't have money yet, so that i put you on the bottom of the list and start working on those commissions, which can be payed immediately. 

And also i have a right to submit your commission to my DA account, but you can definitely ask me not to do it
I think that`s all.

Note me for more information

I'm open for 6 slots:

1. romtorum5ever

I've got prints on Society6 and RedBubble now! Society 6

Go take a look, you can buy prints in different forms and stuff :3

And Society6 now has FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE on order $50+:D i might go ahead and buy my own prints for the sake of owning a pillow with Kai

And if a miracle happens and someone actually buys my silly prints, i'd love to see them! 

And you can also comment on which fandom merch you would most likely buy :3

Thank you!
I'm going home to my parents tomorrow. I'll be helping mom at her store and spend as much time as i can with my family, so i won't be online a lot and won't have time for drawing ): 

Commissions are closed at the moment, but if you're in my waiting list, then i will let you know whether or not i will be able to work on your commission (: 

I hope you all are having a great time this summer! Whether you're studying, working, on a holiday or doing whatever you're doing i wish you all the best! And thank you for the support ^^ I really appreciate it! 

I will definitely be online more often on Tumblr, so if you have any questions it's better to ask them here (: 

I love you all! <3
Thank you for all the lovely Birthday Wishes :3 I received a very sweet message with this drawing
Good Luck by RockAllNight

And this is a great reminder to me about how amazing you, my friends (i don't like words "followers" and "watchers"), are! If it wasn't because of you i would never EVER believe that i can apply to art college and be accepted! If you didn't always encourage me since the very beginning, i bet i would've just gave up somewhere in the middle and just end up being a translator. And i have to say huge THANK YOU! Seriously, my life's changing for better because all of you (and my parents of course). But i would never be brave enough without you and your support. I love you so freaking much, i wish i could prove it somehow, but you have to just believe my words. I FREAKING LOVE YOU ALL WITH ALL MY HEART.

I had a great birthday, very simple but with people i love the most and they always make me the best presents :3

But it wouldn't be as great as it was without you! I keep receiving Birthday Gift Art and you know how much i love it :woohoo: And i still feel very uncomfortable every time someone makes me one, i mean... i can't believe people actually take their time to do something for me and it's just so sweet, that it makes me want to cry happy tears :') i wish i could give every one of you a muffin, draw you something, give the tightest hug and just say I love you! But unfortunately i am no a super human D: All i can do is send you a virtual hug and kiss FLKQJEFLKQEJL I LOVE YOU :tighthug: Thank you so so so much!

Look at all the gifts! :D most of them are on my Tumblr

Amy by Ainhochu Amy for ribkaDory by TheDivineMissM-94 Do you hear the people sing? by Gabs37 Happy Birthday Rita! :) by Gabs37 :thumb374371878:
Today i received my acceptance letter :la: it was so unexpected! Last week i didn't even think about applying for this year, but they said if i can complete my portfolio in a week, we might make it :D and we did! Here is my portfolio for anyone, who's interested… (:

So i am going to Toronto this August! :D I still have to pass IELTS next week, but i think i will do just fine... kinda xD 

GAH I am so excited! Thank you everyone, who left me a comment about art colleges in Canada! 

I still can't believe it :woohoo:
If you don't know :iconcrystalcurtisart: then i recommend you go and add her to your watch list right now! 

But what i wanted to tell you guys is that her web-comic Lost In The Vale is officially up! It's an amazing story with great characters, who make you fall in love with them in a second! And the way comic is done is beyond amazing! You should definitely read it!

❦ Lost in the Vale | April 8th 2013 | Chapter One | Pages 1-5 ❧
Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter

ALSO Julie CrystalCurtisArt is holding a tumblr reblog giveaway!… :D 

Simply reblog that post on tumblr and you're entered into a giveaway for a one-character drawing like these:

Kaneda by CrystalCurtisArt  What's wrong, Michael? by CrystalCurtisArt

Isn't it awesome? 
I am more than excited about Lost In The Vale! :la:

Thank you everyone and have a nice week! :glomp: 

Making Percy Jackson collab! :D Mic is on again, come chat with us ^^

short stream before bed, cause i miss you guys (: