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He needed to beat all of the thoughts out of his head. Right after Alice closed the door behind her, Kai grabbed his keys and sport shorts, walking out of the apartment.

"Fucking drugs…" he muttered, starting up an engine of his Impala. Kai drove fast, he even made a hook, just to enjoy the speed and roaring sound of the engine. He spent two hours at the gym, beating the hell out of his punching bag. And when he thought, he's forgotten about that drugs thing, Kai returned home.

Rietz bought a pack of beer on his way back and ordered pizza, no sleep for him tonight anyway. When he was done with the first bottle, Kai reached to his bass, but his hand grabbed just empty air.

"Fuck, Aeric, again?!" he cursed, calling his friend on the phone.

"Hello…?" Aeric tried to sound serious, but it ended up with a stupid giggle.

"Where. The Fuck. Is. My. BASS?!?!" Kai shouted.

"Jeez, man! Relax! I borrowed it, no big deal!" Kai could hear noises, which Aeric was making with his bass. It didn't even sound like a melody.

"You don't even play bass! Get it here, right now!"

"I'll return it soon, don't be a psycho, dude! She'll be fine… especially when she's with me, right girl? And you have Alice anyway!" Aeric kept "playing".

"I am fucking serious Aeric" Kai hung up the phone.

It was obvious that Kai was pissed, and Aeric loved getting on his nerves. But this time he really was serious and it sounded like a threat, which wasn't very usual for Kai. Sure he said "I'm so gonna kill you" a million times to Aeric, but it always was clear that it was just a joke. And Aeric wasn't so sure about this being a joke right now.

Twenty minutes later he knocked on Kai's door
Rietz silently opened it and grabbed his bass out of Aeric's hands.

"Dude! No need to be so freaking harsh!" Aeric came inside "Ohhh, pizza!". One slice was already in his mouth and he asked with his mouth full: "So what's up?"

"Since when do you knock?" asked Kai, taking a sip of his beer.

Aeric grinned: "Since you have a girlfriend", he smiled even wider.

"I don't" simply answered Kai.

"Yeah you do. You know, when people are having sex for a month, spending time together, going out and stuff, they're in relationships. So yeah, you do have a girlfriend, my pissed friend" Aeric said this whole thing with a huge piece of pizza in his mouth.

"And why are you so happy about it?"

"I dunno… Alice seems nice, and you had kinda healthy sleep for the past month, I thought you like it. I mean, sleep"

"Huh, I can't stand you being so happy, so I have to stop it. Alice and i are over" Kai finished the bottle at one go.

The news made Aeric choke on his pizza, he started coughing. When he finally caught his breath again, he shouted, jumping up: "WHAT?! NO! WHY?!"

"Why do you even care?!" Kai sounded angry and upset at the same time.

"BECAUSE SHE WAS NICE, YOU IDIOT! SHE WAS OKAY WITH YOUR FUCKED UP LIFE AND…wait, are those cookies?" Aeric noticed a pack of Oreos on the fridge. He instantly opened it and took three at once.

Kai just kept silent and not paying attention to his friend.

When Aeric was finally done with food, he started again.

"But whyyy? She really was cool! And she gave me Flight of the Conchords t-shirt for my Birthday… see, I'm even wearing it right now!" Aeric pointed at his chest.

"Damn it, Aeric, it's not about you! I don't care how nice she was to you", Kai lay on the couch, closing his eyes. Bright light of the lamp started hurting his eyes and his head started aching.

"But… she was also nice to you. You know, not every girl would be okay with your lifestyle and just… you. Your ego will leave you with your loneliness, when you're old", Aeric doesn't always say silly and nonsense things.

"Can you please just fuck off?" Kai started regretting that he called his friend.

"Sure, but can you at least tell me why you broke up? I'm kinda curious".

"Aeric… I didn't call you so that you'd judge me and ask questions…" Kai sighed.

"Okaay…" Aeric sat there for a while, thinking about how he can make it a little better.

"I would suggest you to take bikes and just spend the night riding through the city, but you're drunk. So how about more beer for you, bigger pizza for me and another re-watching of The Evil Dead?"

"I… eh…"

"OKAY THEN! Pizza, beer and ZOMBIES!" Aeric grabbed his backpack searching for money.

"Oh…I forgot my wallet"
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TheWritingHand Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
lol wow.
MissFreakyLuce Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm totally in love with Aeric's quotes :D But I still feel so sorry about that Kai and Alice broke up. They were a nice couple. But your thoughts about your characters' lifes are so real so I can't complain, it's like they really exist. The way you write about them is just touching TT-TT
I love this one shot, I love Vulpes Oxide universe, I love youuu! xD
Very good job! :la:
ribkaDory Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aaahhh AFJKHQELKFJQ thaaank you! I kind of feel like they're real too, and i get sad when i remember that they're not ><
MissFreakyLuce Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome :huggle:
Yep, me too, because everything looks so real in VO universe (thanks to you and =firstfruits of course♥) and then I'm just like: *sigh* Why they aren't real? :iconcryforeverplz: xDD
Lieren Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

That was my favorite part. Oh Aeric, you so funny. XD
ribkaDory Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hahaha yesss xD it was =firstfruits ' idea haha i had to use it
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