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September 17, 2012
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It was 5 am, the most boring time for a night at the bar, Kai would've gone home, but his shift lasted till 7 am. It's the time when people start falling asleep on tables and couches, drunk girls start crying and whining about their stupid boyfriends and everything becomes even more depressing.
"If I buy you a beer, will stop looking so freaking depressed?" a girl sat next to Kai, who was just staring at nothing and pretty much sleeping with his eyes opened.
"Did somebody say "beer"?" he yawned, turning to look at the unknown to him girl. She had short dip dyed hair, which looked damn bad ass turning from white to black at the ends. And that's what made Kai pay some attention to her.
"And you are…?"
"I'm Alice, nice to meet you, Kai" her eyes didn't seem to be happy seeing him at all. They had this predatory gaze as if she offered Kai to buy poison instead of beer.
"How do you… uh, shit, I always forget about this stupid thing" the security guy pointed at his badge.
They took some beer, for free of course. And just sat there staring at nothing together, after 15 minutes of silence Alice finally said:
"Hey, wanna get out of here? I don't like the perspective of dying of boredom in this bar, and don't tell me you have to work".
And she was right, after 5 am it was nothing to do in the bar.

And that's how they met.

"What the…?" she stared at Kai's face in disbelief, half of it was covered with blood and lower lip didn't look good at all.
"Get used to it" he smirked, pulling her closer and kissing in the lips.
"Fffuu…Kai! Ugh, it's disgusting, go take a shower!" Alice jumped back into bed. "What the hell had happened to you, anyways?!"
Kai looked at his face after washing it a little with water, that bastard cut him right under the eye, so close. "Fuck… uh? Not much, just another jackass with a broken bottle…"
He got through this so many times, that a bag of ice in his fridge was a "has-to-be-there" thing. Kai crashed next to Alice with an ice bag on his face. It was 5 am.
"Did your mother kissed you in places, which hurt, when you were little?" asked Alice.
"What the fuck are you talking about…?" Kai couldn't keep his eyes open, it usually happened after fights, cause that's when he felt the most tired and sleepy.
"You know, when a little boy or a girl hits something, their mom kisses that part of the body so it won't hurt that bad?" Alice took Kai's hand, which still had marks of the fight.
"Weirdly enough, but no, she didn't, why?" the guy looked at her with his healthy eye.
"Why are you even asking?" she smiled, kissing his fingers.

And that's when he thought she might stand him.

Down the jaw line, marking her neck with kisses, Kai thought how different it felt. Alice pulled his face closer to hers, just to kiss him in the lips again.
She kept him sober, it wasn't necessary to get drunk just to fall asleep. It felt weird, but good. Somehow she managed to make him so exhausted, that he could sleep like a baby all night long.
He was making his way down, not missing any part of her skin. When Kai finally was about to take off her panties, front door suddenly swept open.
"Guess who's home!" Aeric's triumphal voice sounded especially loud at night. He froze with his arms in the air as if he won an award. "Damn, man! I thought you're alone tonight!" he sat next to lovers on the couch.
"WTF, Aeric?!"
"What?! It's not my fault you didn't tell me you're gonna be with a girl tonight! You could've hang a sock on your door or something, so that I'd know!"
"First of all, I don't have to inform you about every hook up I'm about to have… and second of all – it's my damn flat and I can do whatever I want here without hanging any socks on my door!"
"Yeah, yeah…Oh hey, it's that 2-weeks-girl! Hi!" Aeric waved at her, seemed like he wasn't going anywhere: "Oh it was two weeks one week ago, so it makes three weeks today! Congrats!"
Alice just laughed in reply and added: "Aeric… I don't know if you've noticed, but we were in the middle of something".
"That's called sex, for your information" Kai was pretty much mad.
"Oh come one! I am bored and have nowhere to go, and you took away my only friend with a free-from-parents flat, what do I have to do?!" yeah, this dude wasn't going anywhere.
"Jesus, Liska, just fuck off already?" Kai punched him off the couch.
"Okay, okay, but not because of you, but cause she asked me nicely!" the door shut closed.

And that's when he thought his best friend was okay with her.

"I've got something for you" Alice just came back from a party at her friend's house. Kai played his bass not really paying attention to her, until she put little plastic bag with pills in front of him. He immediately stopped playing and asked her as calmly as he could: "What is this?"
"A friend of mine gave me these. I took one last night, god, that was amazing! You definitely have to try it too!" she smiled widely. Kai couldn't believe his ears, so he just kept staring in her, trying to understand what she had just said.
"What? It's so much better than alcohol! Come on, it'll be fun!"
"I drink, because it helps me to fall asleep sometimes, and not because it's fun when everything is fucking spinning around. You won't take any of these, you hear me?" Kai took the plastic bag with strong intention to throw it away, but Alice stopped him.
"You can't tell me what to do" she simply pulled out pills out of his hand. In a second a few of them was in her mouth.
"Sure." His answer was simple.

And that's how he lost her.
soo... i thought i'd make some kind of a short summary of that month with Alice (: longest relationships Kai's ever had, WHOOO xD

Kai and Alice belongs to me
Aeric belongs to =firstfruits
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